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Hunting for the perfect kitchen design can be exciting and yet frustrating. We understand this and have put together pictures of several beautiful kitchens to help encourage people in their quest to find what’s best for their homes. At the end of this page there are links where you can go on to find the kinds of quality kitchen items we show pictured here. Happy hunting and good luck!

Remember to note the elements you like best about these kitchen pictures to help you figure out what it is you like best. Kitchens are like fingerprints, each one is unique!

If you need to see something a little more concrete or you are overwhelmed with options; remember you can always check out some kitchen design centers in your area. Bring in a few pictures of what you like from below and they will work with you to figure out how to get it.

Traditional Kitchens

These kitchens have very traditional wood cabinetry and stone and/or wood counters. This is often the first thing people think of when they think “kitchen.” It is a classic way to redesign a kitchen and it has a long lifespan. Often if you go with a more traditional look it will stay stylish longer and does not need quite as much done to freshen its look later.

Kitchen design with dark treated wood finish Lightly coloured Kitchen allowing lots of daylight
Dark Wood Kitchen with Stone Flooring Kitchen with finished wood floor and island Kitchen with granite work surfaces and countertops

Modern Kitchens

All of the kitchens in this section have a similar theme- appliances are all stainless steel, cabinets are smooth, and lines are clean. Horizontal cabinetry and glass/acrylic doors are also popular new ways to add style to your kitchen, especially if you add stainless steel hardware. These tricks make for a very modern looking kitchen.

Modern Kitchen with Minimalistic, Sleek Style Modern Kitchen in Stainless Steel and Red Finishings Modern Kitchen in Mahogany and Glass Modern Kitchen in Blue and Stainless stell with granite counters

Eclectic Kitchens

Generally, these kitchens are similar to traditional kitchens; however they incorporate aspects of color and design that make them a little different. They can have a specific theme or even just an original style of cabinetry. Often there is something that stands out such as a vibrant backsplash or island. Sometimes the look is achieved by combining different textures like a blackboard, metal, and wood.

Eclectic Kitchen with lightly finished wood cabinets Eclectic Kitchen In Wooden, Scandinavian style Eclectic Kitchen in Pale Yellow Eclectic Kitchen Number 4 Eclectic Kitchen Number 5 Eclectic Kitchen Number 6

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