Kitchen Range Hoods & Ventilation

The most important role of kitchen ventilation is to remove all the greasy, smoky, steamy, gaseous byproducts that you don't want hanging around in your kitchen. When it comes to the choice of the right range hood, it usually depends on the layout and structure of your kitchen, your local building codes, and your own style preferences.

Many of the new, innovative range hood systems use carbon filters. The carbon filters provide better, cleaner ventilation and may eliminate the need for an air duct that leads outside. In addition, the durability and effectiveness of carbon filters is far superior to that of conventional filters.

One of many advantages of range hoods is the ease of assembly. Many modern hoods have a telescopic chimney which allows more freedom for adjustments to the placement of the cooker hood. The newer hood chimneys are also easier to bypass through rough walls which makes installation faster and easier.

Torino - Inspired by post-war Italy's fascination with the icons of pop Americana, the Torino takes its shape from the elegance of the Martini glass. Featuring the sensitivity of touch controls, the flexibility of adjustable lighting, and the functionality of high-powered blowers, the Torino delivers style without compromise.

Venezia - The professional look of the Venezia is avaiable in all popular US dimensions to fit large and small kitchens alike (24" depth). With its classic lines, four built-in halogen lamps, and optional spice rack, the Venezia provides understated charm with modern convenience.

Hurricane (under cabinet) - High-tech meets high style with a minimum of fuss. Powerful 695 cfm blowers, dual halogen lights, touch controls, three variable speed selections, and a delay-off function instill appliance envy in even the most sophisticated kitchens.

For more information and designs visit Zephyr Ventilation.

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