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Kitchen of the Month - September 2009 Picture 1

If you prefer a clean and uncluttered kitchen this design may be just right. There are so many interesting and unique features to this space.

Kitchen of the Month - September 2009 Picture 2

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this kitchen design is the integrated wall of cabinetry and appliances. Notice that there are no overhead cabinets in this room. The pantry and storage doors hide all the necessities of a kitchen behind frosted glass doors lit from within.

The use of one color of wood creates a uniform look to this large space. Even the dining table and chairs are in the same wood tone. Recessed lighting and simple pendants allow an unobstructed view of the beautiful view outdoors.

The lack of artwork and/or accessories allows the beauty of the materials used to show through. Anything else would just appear to be clutter.

This streamlined kitchen would complement any mid-century home and make entertaining a breeze.

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