New Trend in Kitchen Remodeling: The Birth of The Live-In Kitchen

An Example of A Kitchen that You Can Live In

The kitchen is evolving; No longer is it viewed as a place solely to prepare and cook food. Instead it has transformed into a space that can be truly utilized for living & entertaining friends and family.

In essence, out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is often the family hangout. Parents are cooking or checking emails, the TV is on, and the kids are doing their homework — all at the same time, all in the same room.

The next generation kitchen will be a place not only for cooking, but for social and everyday interaction. Kitchen remodeling trends now concentrate on the kitchen as the ‘hub‘ of the household, incorporating the functional aspects of a kitchen with the ability to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The trends in kitchen remodeling and design are set to focus on comfort and usability. Imagine a kitchen that incorporates a couch, a television, a coffee table and internet access into its space. This is the future of kitchen design.

Kitchen Designs, example of a live-in kitchen

The kitchen space is set to evolve to incorporate all of the needs of everyday life.

As it becomes increasingly hard to juggle the tasks of every day life, this is a room to fit around your lifestyle. Having a ‘live- in room‘ provides a family space where you can prepare a meal whilst helping the kids with their homework. It is versatile and very useable.

Another Example of A Kitchen that You Can Live In

In this new kitchen, the wall between the family room and the kitchen has been completely removed. Picture provided by “Mark Daniels Kitchen and Bath Remodeling” in Fairfax, VA.

This trend seems a natural progression in a period when open planned living has become the chosen preference for most households. Remodeling the Kitchen into a live-in room therefore will add a new level of comfort and practicability to a style of living that most Americans have already adopted. As the kitchen continues to be the most used space in the household, adapting this space to be truly comfortable and useable is key to utilizing the function of the space.

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