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Outdoor Kitchen Design and Ideas

As a concept, outdoor kitchens are relatively new in terms of remodeling. However there has been an exciting move towards developing the outdoor space into a useable space for the family to enjoy. This trend follows the move towards a more casual style of living. The possibilities are endless and that is what makes the prospect of an outdoor kitchen so appealing. Ideas can stretch as far as your imagination (and your wallet) will take you as individuals are spending anything from $2000 to $20,000 on developing their outdoor space.

An outdoor kitchen can incorporate many different appliances which really depend on the space’s main use. It is important to consider if the space will be used mainly for relaxing, for partying, for cooking or for something else. This space should be designed around your lifestyle so that it will be utilized and truly appreciated.

There are a number of additional concerns that relate to an outdoor kitchen remodel. Firstly it is important to consider the durability of any appliances that you intend to keep outside.

Some materials can withstand the elements better than others for example stainless steel is a popular and recommended choice because it will remain intact come rain or shine unlike wood which will absorb moisture and may fade in the sun. Popular brands are recognizing this need and have already brought out a number of appliances to withstand outdoor living.

Considering what appliances to have in your outdoor kitchen is a very individual choice; they can be as practical or as bold as you see fit. Of course you have the essentials such as a refrigerator, a grill, a food preparation area and a sink with a cold water supply however people are becoming ever more extravagant with their outdoor kitchen. Traditional stone baked pizza ovens are the current trend. Such an appliance would bring an air of exclusivity to any household. More commonly are the introduction of bars, breakfast tables and fully functional ovens.

More Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

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It is also important not to forget to carefully consider elements such as heat, sound and lighting within the outdoor kitchen area. Providing a source of heat, whether it be an outdoor fireplace or a free standing heater, will allow you to extend your garden season meaning that you can take more advantage of you outdoor investment. Sound is an element that can be easily overlooked but can help to add to the atmosphere of an outdoor space. Music can add to the ambience of any occasion whether it be a simple family gathering or a wild party. Lighting can be provided by the use of lanterns which will give a soft glow once again adding to the ambience of the whole experience or if a brighter light is desired then a spotlight or pagoda lighting can be used. The possibilities truly are endless!

More Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

As the backyard evolves to become a room within the household, it offers new challenges for kitchen designers. It provides another place to bring the family together in a relaxed but functional atmosphere. As technology evolves and consumers are able to extend the usage time in their gardens, the popularity of the outdoor kitchen will simply grow to reach more households around the USA. Who can really resist the thought of cooking supper outside for the family as the sun goes down?

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