Lighting and your eyes

The Effects of Kitchen Lighting on Your Eyes

Today’s kitchens combine multiple lighting forms and fixtures to achieve not only a more inviting look, but an environment that is easier on the eyes as well.

Optimal lighting conditions, normally measured in lumens, vary based on the task being performed and the duration of eye involvement. For detailed tasks that demand serious eye concentration, such as bill paying, sewing or reading, your eyes require low glare, concentrated lighting.

Meal preparation and family gatherings around the kitchen table are best suited for softer, global lighting. In either case, you will want to avoid “hot spots” and “dead” areas where glare or shadows can cause eye strain and mild to severe discomfort.

To get the most out of your kitchen, you’ll need to focus on three critical components of lighting design – Fixture Type, Fixture Placement and Light Source. Matching all three to the unique layout and intended usage functions of your kitchen will add value to your remodeling project and enhance your enjoyment of one of the most popular and important rooms in your home.

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