Color and Texture

Choosing the right color tile is very important for your kitchen

Texture and color work in partnership to create a total kitchen experience. The color of your kitchen can alter the mood and ambience of the whole room. Whether you want to achieve the feel of a rustic old-style kitchen or a chic ultra-modern kitchen, color and texture must be carefully considered.


Color is a very valuable design tool with the power to make a room truly spectacular. It is a relatively cost effective way to completely change a room. Color can impact the size, shape and appearance of a room and even alter the mood of those using it. With so many influences, it is important to consider color carefully.

Designers suggest that color should be divided in a 60-30-10 format using three colors. Following this rule will provide your room with balance and proportion while preventing one particular color from overpowering a space.

Using blue in the home

How color can affect a room:

Cool, light or dull colors-can expand a room to achieve the feeling of spaciousness. Using such colors will lengthen a room and can even be used to make a ceiling appear higher.

Warm colors and dark tones- Darker colors act to shrink a space and shorten a room. This may not be what most people wish to achieve; however such colors can also have an effective use. Warm and dark tones work well as accent colors and help to give a room more depth.

The Color and Texture of Cushions is very important

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Remember that it is always important to sample a color on your wall before committing yourself to it as colors can look different in natural light.

Another effective way of bringing color to life is by utilizing accessories. Choosing the right color accessories can act to compliment a room or can completely change the feeling it evokes. Accessories are a safe and effective way of simply introducing an accent color. For those not brave enough to wash their walls with bold brush strokes, accessories can be used to achieve the same effect.

Rocersa Alcazaba in the home


Texture is an element that can be easily overlooked when remodeling any room. Using texture correctly can significantly improve the ambience of a room. Texture can be added in a number of ways. Some examples including counter tops, flooring, cabinets and curtains. Texture can be used to achieve interesting contrast throughout the room.

The Color and Texture of Curtains are very important to your kitchen

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When remodeling your kitchen consider the choice of materials you are going to use as these can be a simple way of introducing texture to your room. A good example is your choice of kitchen cabinets. There are an endless selection of materials available to today’s consumer; each providing a different look. Wood is a traditional choice and can provide texture through the type of grain you choose. Cabinets made from maple will provide a relatively smooth grain compared to cabinets crafted from oak that present a more withered and old-style appearance. Stainless steel has become a popular choice for the consumer and can be used to achieve a smooth and sleek appearance. Its texture and appearance is a vast contrast from wood. The easiest way to introduce texture to a room is through accessories. Using patterned curtains or cushions can add an extra element to the room. Items such as rugs or pile carpets may also be used to provide extra texture and volume.

There is no doubt that the whole style of the room can easily be influenced by the color of your pallet and the textures you introduce. Changing your room using color and texture can be as cost effective as you desire. Simple but effective changes can be made by changing the color of your accessories or by a stroke of fresh paint on the walls. For those who are undergoing a complete remodeling project it is important to carefully consider the color and texture of major objects and appliances such as cabinets which dominate a large space within the room. Do not be afraid to experiment with a mix of textures that will help you achieve a truly unique atmosphere. Remember that even minor changes can really transform the ambiance of a room.

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