New Kitchen Floor Trends and Designs

Your flooring choice is important because it will set the tone for the whole kitchen. The textural quality of the floor appeal to eye and has a radical effect on how we perceive the room as a whole. In kitchens, the two most elegant floors are tiles / stones and laminated or hardwood floors.

Wideplank Hardwood Floor Floor Designs

Wide-Plank Flooring Adds Historic Elegance To Your Kitchen

If you are looking for a rustic floor to give your kitchen a lot of character, wide plank wood floors may be just what you need. With a width of about a foot, they offer an authentic and warm look that can make any “laminate” wood floor look cheap and artificial. Visit Carlisle at or TimberKnee at for more information.

Heated ceramic tile Floor Designs

Turn Your Kitchen Tile or Stone Floor to a Toasty 85 Degrees

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. That's where you gather with your family and friends, and your children play on the kitchen's floor. Floors can act as heat stores: when exposed long hours of sunshine through a south-facing window, they collect heat during the day and keep a gorgeous warmth through the night. You can also warm your tile floor with an electric floor warming system to keep it warm any time of the day, when you and your family need it.
Find out how you can heat your floors.

Heating Hardwood Floors

You Can Also Warm Wood Floors!

Most homeowners are surprised when they find out that they can warm not only tile or stone floors, but also hardwood or laminate floors. It's possible and a welcome addition to floors that are usually very cold to the touch. You just need to keep your thermsotat at 82 degrees or below to gently warm the wood floor.
Launstein, a hardwood manufacturer, tested most of its wood products with systems from WarmlyYours with several years of continuous operation... and gave it a gold-star rating. Enjoy walking on your new warm wood floor!

Using Patterns with Tile Floors

Use Patterns With Tile Floors

A great benefit of tile floors is the ability to customize your floors! You can simply design it the way you want, with small 12x12 tiles or large 18x18 tiles. You can use a variety of patterns and borders and even use different patterns on different parts of the floor: simply use a thin, 4 or 6" wide border to separate both areas (As pictured to your right).

Laminate and Hardwood Flooring

New-Look Wood Floors

Despite all the alternatives available today, genuine hardwood and laminate continue to attract admirers with its timeless appeal and warmth. At one time, choices in hardwood floors were fairly limited. Homeowners had only a handful of options. But that has changed dramatically. Recognizing the increase in demand, flooring manufacturers have broadened their product lines to reflect the diversity in tastes and budgets. For example, today’s homeowners can choose whether they want plank, strip or parquet hardwood flooring, and in what width or thickness. They can determine whether they prefer solid wood or engineered wood. Of course, homeowners must also select the species they want, and what grade. Grade is generally determined by how clear or variegated the appearance of the wood is. Most types of hardwood are available either pre-finished or unfinished. Special “hand scraping” techniques are also available to give floors an aged look and feel.

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