Add Radiant Heat Comfort To Your Kitchen.

Spa-Comfort for Warm Feet... Every Day!

Children enjoying Radiant Floor Heating

Mark Grabowski in Wisconsin recently installed a warm floor system in his kitchen.

"I installed the WarmlyYours system under a marble floor. I did it myself and found it relatively simple to do. The floor is so nice and warm that I've used it to convince my wife that we should install warm floors in two more bathrooms. I find myself walking into the room to warm my feet on a cold morning. It's great!".

As the cooler fall and winter seasons approach, our kitchen and bathroom floors suddenly turn uncomfortably cold. Homeowners have to think about putting socks or slippers on before stepping into the kitchen for breakfast. Kids can't play or walk on the floor in the dining area any longer because the tile or wood floor feels too cold. Now, there is an easy way to heat up those cold tile, stone, or wood surfaces by installing a Radiant Electric Floor Heating system. You won't believe how good it feels, and how comfortable your kitchen will become
(View this kitchen project with WarmlyYours radiant heat).

Nicolas Mottet from WarmlyYours noted that:

"Radiant heating systems can be installed under tile or marble,
but also under hardwood or laminate".

It may also be comforting to know that electric systems are highly energy efficient. According to Ada Cryer from Delta-Therm:

"Operating a heated floor in a medium-sized kitchen will cost on
average 15-40 cents a day."

Radiant Floor Heating under Hardwood or Ceramic Tile

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