32 Dazzling Traditional Kitchen Design Photos

Christophe Selvais | Feb 19th 2021

A running concept of a traditional kitchen embolsters one with a return to normalcy. Traditional kitchens are not of course subject to modern styles, as we’re sure you’re aware. They’re the building of time accumulations, half bewitching inhabitants to another time in through the keeping of the tried and true. We better understand how far we’re going, how to modernize a traditional kitchen, and what makes a kitchen traditional? We don’t offer you trends, but lessons. Lessons that continue to espouse strong family values.

An elederly woman attends to her meal preparation. A sleek black hood range rests atop a modernized retro oven.

vintage kitchen appliances adorning traditional kitchen with white cabinets

Turkish coffee on the kitchen range with a clear workspace natural kitchen countertop. Glass framed cabinets pair well with white country cabinets.

holiday christmas decorations kitchen banquet

Beautiful hexagonal tiles back up this kitchen’s backsplash with vertical diagonal accent pieces. Open shelved cabinets hold assortments of kitchenware and canned goods.

an expensively arranged kitchen at its brightest and most organized

There’s amazing pendant lighting above a spacious edge trimmed kitchen island. No such thing as too many wood tones. The antique china hutch cabinet welcomes guests in to this beautiful space.

The kitchen scene here’s a fine example to showcase sophisticated corbels and subtle color schemes, plus a custom wall tile piece as well. The colors are so rich with vibrance and countertops are durable enough for ample food preparation and cooking.

Brushed kitchen cabinets adjacent to wall oven and microwave

This kitchen has an island grill on the island and a kitchen sink where the range is normally installed. Check out the traditional kitchen cabinet’s incredible crown molding.

modern traditional kitchen visual appeal

A lot of kitchens have an island that also acts as a kitchen bar. Here’s a unique way to modernize a traditional kitchen. The exposed truss gives a level of great authenticity and humbleness.

farmhouse kitchen lifestyle photo

Every guest can enjoy beautiful beams spanning wall to wall giving the feel of a cozy country house. We don’t get to see the metal knobs on the face of the classical country cabinets. Plenty of natural light shines off of this kitchen’s black natural stone countertops.

Versaille tile floor example of traditional design

You don’t often hear about a kitchen with versaille floors but here it is! Kitchens with this kind of flooring type exude the ostentatiousness of the French royal palace.

bungalow kitchen

Christmas lights span across structural support beams giving this rustic kitchen good lighting all year round. Serving plates and charming clay pots are stored above the kitchen countertop.

Antoinette kitchen

Open faced shelves and a hooded range line the walls. The layered kitchen island is placed artfully.

Olive and White Traditional Kitchen

Starting with metal knobs peppered across the olive green and white cabinets you’ll notice both the sink base and the plate rack are columned and crowned with astonishing detail. This kitchen is truly a classic look and feel.

Traditional rounded kitchen island

Kitchens that are considered traditional can also at times include accent pieces that aren’t too drab. Like this rounded kitchen island with dark rose curved cabinets.

Traditional kitchen surrounding an island with rounded corners

The pendant lighting expertly utilizes the overhang space above this kitchen’s kitchen island with beautiful rounded corners. History’s indication of ‘self-cleaning kitchens’ really stands out as a number of appliances are stainless steel.

Traditional kitchen with white cabinets and large wood knobs

Here’s another classic kitchen design with a more expansive cabinet design and natural wood accents. An offset kitchen floor surface, a luxury kitchen sink, a streamlined kitchen stovetop, and lower shelf kitchen storage to maximize kitchen space storage.

Traditional kitchen custom fit cabinets and woodtones

Cutting-edge innovations, minimalist chandelier and track lighting are seen here. What’s amazing about the kitchen oven is it’s retrofitted with a stovepipe which is not a standard modern appliance. We used to cook with coal and wood and the stovepipe released the heat to a flue or chimney. Now it’s all about electric ranges.

Modest Kitchen with white cabinets and full backsplash

As previously stated, we once cooked with coal wood and gas, but now the electric stove range has become standard. Keeping the kitchen a safer environment whilst maintaining a classic facade.

A conservative kitchen design

Traditional Kitchen houses are all about the columns and crown molding. The 90’s were all about granite, and this granite countertop is capped with a chopping block end.

grid wall cabinet

In the affluent 50’s, custom cabinetry was a standard option. A realistic example represents the white enamel and stainless steel here on display.

Beadboard open shelves and stone wall tiles with custom crown molding

Kitchenware is on a field day here. Previous decades emphasized laminate, Formica, and wood countertops but this one’s all about Granite.

Custom Kitchen Display

Though some may choose more distinct color options, these hues are drawn from a soft and neutral palette. Here, wood tones pull together the open floor plan giving a boundless kitchen space a unified visual appeal.

L shaped kitchen with a stainless steel range hood and double wide kitchen cabinets

Turkish coffee on the kitchen range with a clear workspace natural kitchen countertop. Glass framed cabinets pair well with white country cabinets.

Cobblestone tile floors open top and bottom shelves and natural lighting

The emphasis on wall shelves and open kitchen shelving is clearly the main theme, showing off all of the kitchenware and gadgets. Lighting is dramatic and bold without being too dense.

Double wide doors shed light on a vintage kitchen and table set

For any kitchen, installing trimmed crown molding where the wall meets the ceiling’s sure to call back to tradition. Small potted plants atop the kitchen cabinets bring us back to nature.

Charming and quaint mosaic kitchen backsplash with offset wall tiles and pink countertops

Here’s a kitchen that houses a mix of the old and new, the traditional and modern, and the kitchen design does find a nice balance. A brass chandelier, checkered kitchen floor, mosaic kitchen range backsplash, and yellowed cabinets definitely herald the Victorian age.

A well set up kitchen

This kitchen is the epitome of the ‘everyman’s kitchen as it’s highly optimized for efficiency. Hanging wall shelves and wall hooks make for practical countertop storage.

A fish friendly kitchen

At the turn of the century, many homeowners were seeking out smaller kitchens and compact designs. Smaller kitchens were considered better back then as many interior designers crafted minimalist kitchens.

An Eat-In Kitchen Island Bar

At the heyday of the 50’s, cooking and eating at home was a growing trend for a lot of people. This walk up kitchen bar demonstrates a streamlined eat-at-home experience.

Natural dark stained cabinets rest below a grayish countertop adjacent to a stainless steel hood and kitchen range

Enjoy fresh pressed coffee and the amenities of a beautiful kitchen as you go back to nature gazing at the wonderful windowsill garden. Extraordinarily less color though the exposed brick is a nice touch, white subway tiles with white grout extend vertically at the back wall.

Panel Boar Kitchen floor line from wall to wall of a minimalist industrial kitchen

We can’t help but feel cozy as you see efficient use of space and clean lines that helped shape countless American family homes. Cove lighting and natural light allow this kitchen to truly shine.

A cozy farmhouse kitchen

Here’s the first kitchen we’ve seen with a sink stool which, over the years, eases the burden of back pain from standing at the kitchen sink for hours on end. We just can’t get over how beautiful this kitchen is…really nice.

Retro 70's Inspired Kitchen Acid-hued eye-popping colors

We will never see two kitchens a like. We have to say, even the fridge has been embellished with electric and eye-popping color schemes and beautifully stained paneling.

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