5 Amazing Decorating Ideas, Just in Time for Thanksgiving

November 5th, 2019 | by Christophe Selvais

The winter season is almost upon us and many of us have planned to host dinner guests this year. If then you have family and friends coming to stay with you, then you know that the house will be packed as invitees set out out to devour a heap of food like a pack of wild coyotes.

We’ve sorted out some practical ideas to improve the look of your kitchen just in time for Thanksgiving. All of the crafts featured here require a little bit more forward thinking and effort than your average turkey handprint. Whether you plan to disguise a turkey this year or craft personal gratitude bracelets, we hope to inspire great imaginative ideas for the whole family. Not only are these ideas practical but they also will impress your dinner guests – setting the tone for the entire night. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, we want to help make your home the toast of the town this holiday season.

DIY Concrete Pumpkins

The craft to roll things out! As much as we love pumpkin crafts, big orange gourds have become a predictable Thanksgiving staple, boring! Concrete pumpkins are hard and tough as your grandma’s fruitcake. Set the shape with a stencil cut out and bring it to a temperature-controlled drying space to allow the pumpkin to cure. All it takes is concrete mix and a little bit of patience and within no time at all you will have a pumpkin patch of versatile decorations to design your interior. Use them as paper weights to way down custom name cards. Find a brush and stylize with colors to assemble a gang of painted gourds. Even form a concavity at the top of the pumpkin to fashion a pumpkin vase. Concrete pumpkins grace the scene with a handy DIY feel. Coarse surface textures of concrete pumpkins send an implicit message that you’re someone who fixes what needs fixing. What attracts us to this idea is the sheer multitude of ways that you can customize your pumpkin. Sourcing the materials is as easy as a trip to the hardware store and the project is not intended to be a big hassle, but a fun mini-project to put to hand.

DIY concrete pumpkin idea to raise awareness of cost saving Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Gratitude Tree

Tree of gratitude showing the design concept that is thanksgiving image of tree with words of gratitude written on leaves to inspire homeowner interior design and craft ideas.


Here we have a tree that celebrates the things that you’re thankful for. Unfortunately we go throughout our day without ever thinking about the bright side. That’s what we believe thanksgiving to be about, being thankful, reminiscing on the good things in life, and counting your blessings. Positivity and gratitude are the key virtues that have been wrapped up ever since the pilgrims invited the Indians to feast and celebrate. The tree can be crafted with branches you find lying around the back yard. Once you cut out the paper leaves, you can then punch a tab at the stem of the leaf. Feed a yarn or string through the leaf tab and tie a knot at the stem. Then pull the leaf up over the branch and fasten the other end to the branch so that the leaf rests securely on the branch. We suggest sprucing up the floral arrangements with artsy additions like wax cranberries and tinsel. Of course, we won’t tell you how to express yourself, go nuts! Another addition that we recommend can be found within the picture featured above. Draw your attention to the acorns precariously dangling on the some of the branches. Each one conveniently contains lip balm for guests if the cold November weather has rendered their puckers horrendously chapped, nothing worse! 

Thanksgiving Banner

Coardboard cutouts of gratitude banners hung above fireplace

The fireplace is a source of warmth and light that is a primal progenitor of modern furnaces. Undoubtedly, it would not be even the slightest bit unreasonable to have the desire to embellish the hearth of your home. Humanity has been adding fire keepers to altars of reverence and worship since the dawn of spiritualism and yet the fireplace is often left bare and overwhelmingly derelict. It’s easy to find a banner that sends the right message to your house guests. A visitor that fixes their gaze at the hypnotic flames of your fireplace may also enjoy the lovely view of a heartwarming and grateful banner. Practically speaking, a Thanksgiving banner is a great addition to the fireplace and many other areas around the house. You might want to unfurl the banner cards along a floral removable wallpaper. The location of your banner is up to you and reasonably so. As a banner is ostensibly larger than many of the other crafts, one can view it from a distance without losing some of the features of the banner, maintaining view and readability across gaps. Meaning that you’re able to distance the banner from areas of high traffic which adds depth to the overall decorum. 

Autumn Table Sets

Kitchen dining room decorations of autumn plate sets.

A Thanksgiving tablescape would not be complete without autumn table sets. Kitchenware artistically beautified with scenes of autumn foliage evoke tender and detail oriented craftsmanship. Todays shopper is barraged with so many choices when it comes to dining room ornamentation, where do you begin? Every table at a banquet is first ordained with tablecloth. A table runner has gained popularity over the course of the years. Table runners are a length of cloth laid down at the center of the table for decoration. Grow the appeal by shopping for a custom table runner this Thanksgiving. Shopping for a table set is easy as you go discovering your options, many stores bundle the plates, bowls, cutlery, and napkins as an all-inclusive set. What isn’t readily available at the store is what we hope to discuss with you. Naturally, the center of the table is the focal point of the tablescape design. A table’s centerpiece is going to require the most care and attention. A nice breadcloch could serve as the centerpiece to keep fresh artisanal bread within arms reach. Also, a wooden box centerpiece garnished with pumpkins and a wax gourd can convey a rustic feeling. Assuming that the likelihood of serving desert after the main course is high enough, then an easy-to-carry diy cake stand will serve the purpose of portability as well as a one-eyed and worn out teddy bear. Ensuring that clearing the table after dinner will be a…piece of cake, ew, puns, we’re sorry 🙁 

Mason Jar Arrangements

Along the lines of centerpieces — even more craftworks can be accomplished for the middle of the Thanksgiving table with mason jar centerpieces. Nature is a great provider of inspiration and the autumn leaves that are cast off from trees are beautiful to behold. Craft stores typically carry fake leaves that you can make mason jar flower arrangements out of. Mason jars hold a cornucopia of ideas for our eyes as they are transparent at first. Painting the inside of the glass wall is great for stylizing a mason jar floral arrangement. But what if you want to can or pickle with your mason jars after Thanksgiving? A non-permanent solution is to line the interior with double-sided tape and fasten construction paper to the interior of the can. Then peel off the paper after use.

Bouquets of autumn flowers arranged within mason jars to raise awareness to the viewer of the type of container to use when creating a autumn floral mason jar arrangement or centerpiece 5 decorating ideas featured image

A good display is what you ultimately want to end up with so that your guests at Thanksgiving can’t help but fall in love with it. Ostentatious arrangements of seasonal crafts bring a personal touch that will steal the show this Thanksgiving. Thank you for your attention and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

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