What is the Best Flooring For Dogs?

January 8th, 2020 | by Christophe Selvais

Your kitchen floor is the raceway of your home and an accurate representation of cleanliness. For those of us who chose to adopt a new puppy or an older dog, they’re gonna be running around all over the place. Let’s not even discuss the messes you’re going to have to clean up thanks to your newest member of the family.

The purpose of this piece is to answer the question: “what is the best type of flooring for dogs?”. Let’s dive right in. We’re going to break down each flooring type and the effect it plays under the paw of your canine friend.

shih tzu sitting on the floor looking up


Cork is an excellent and popular flooring type which mimics the look of hardwood. This type of flooring is both stain and water resistant. If the dog forgets all about its house training and has an accident, make sure to clean up the mess right away as water exposure can damage and alter the shape if left for an extended period of time. 

Cork’s natural hardness allows the flooring to hold up against scratches. What’s great about cork is that it can be site-finished and repaired to cover up any damage the floor might have and provide an extra layer of protection against marks on the surface of the floor. You have the capability to float cork as well, impossible to do with your average hardwood floors.


The regions that export bamboo are also home to some of the strongest wood materials ever naturally discovered. Bamboo wood’s scratch resistant because of its hardness. Also it is antimicrobial which stops microorganisms like mold and mildew from growing and contaminating your home.


Laminate is one of the more prevalent flooring options on the market. Assuredly a safe bet if you choose the right kind. When shopping laminate, check the abrasion classification (AC) AC ratings are a measurement of the wood’s hardness. A1 and A2 floors will be too weak to stand up against your pets scratches.  A dog-friendly household requires a floor with at least an A3 rating to withstand your dogs claws. That’s the best laminate flooring for dogs. On the off chance that someone spills juice on the floor or the dog knocks over your favorite house plant, in the short term we tend to clean these things up. However, if left unattended, water can lead to warping and damage of laminate flooring.



Extremely durable and scratch resistant, stain and water resistant and can be easily cleaned. Dog claws can’t scratch or damage the floor. Homeowners with dogs can hire a professional installer to put in-floor radiant heating underneath the floor.  

Warm floors are sure to give a cozy spot to your dog/s and it feels great under your feet. Tile and stone are the most heat conductive of floor types and are tough and forgiving. Normally, Tile is cold and hard which are the only two drawbacks.


Vinyl is a scratch resistant flooring, affordable, easy-to-clean, and happens to feel warmer underfoot than ceramic or porcelain tiles. Vinyl typically gives off a look of hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Most vinyl planks have a smooth and thick finish that cause a pet to slip, especially if they run across the floors.  Try to start a routine of clipping your dog’s nails to prevent major slipping. Dogs are not meant to stand most of their time walking and running on hard surfaces. Their claws are designed to dig into dirt so a vinyl floor with traction can help give your dog sure footing.

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of KRI blogs. We hope that you found this information helpful. I should inform anyone who has been paying close attention that we went on a bit of a hiatus because of the holiday season. 

Now that we have entered the new year, we’re right back on schedule to post new content every Wednesday. 

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