Aug 19th, 2020

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Americans spend 37 minutes every day in food preparation and cleanup.   That’s an average of 225 hours per year “meal-prepping”, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after.  With so much time being spent in the kitchen, it’s important that the heart of the home be not only highly functional but comfortable as well.  

In areas of the US with colder climates, pairing flooring with electric floor heating will give your kitchen remodeling project that added comfort level.  This is done during new construction or the remodeling of your kitchen.


Let’s focus on the widely discussed kitchen trends to narrow down our discussion.


old fuzzy moccasins and light grey cork floor
Cork floor and old slippers by justmakeit

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring made it onto the list of design trends for 2020 because it’s considered an environmentally friendly flooring choice. 


The benefits of cork flooring are that it’s really easy to install, sound absorption, comfort, and warmth.  


If you’re considering cork flooring over radiant, make sure that the thickness of the cork is no greater than ¼” inch (it’s a natural insulator) and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations when using their product with electric floor heating. 


Cork flooring is Installed with floor heating in one of two ways: floating or embedded.  Your choice of cork flooring will decide the installation method.


Of the two options, the floating method is easier. You don’t have to spend money buying glue or hiring a contractor, saving you time and money. 


For the embedded method, The radiant floor heating system is embedded in self-leveling and allowed to cure.  After curing, the cork floor is ready for installation.

When cork flooring is paired with radiant floor heating it is recommended that the flooring temperature not exceed 82°F. However, it really does depend on the manufacturer as others will allow temperatures at 84°F. The thermostats sold with electric floor heating provide a setting for limiting the temperature based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.  


Check directly with the manufacturer for DIY hints, especially if you are installing yourself. 

wood-like porcelain tile wood grain texture and color aligned planks

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has been around for quite a while but what is trending is using Wood-look or Marble-look porcelain tile. This gives an elevated look at a price-conscious cost. Porcelain clay tiles imitate many kinds of styles to add to your kitchen design, giving your project a unique and custom look at a fraction of the cost. 

Porcelain is waterproof which is especially important in kitchens where we are cooking and eating etc. The only drawback to tile especially in colder climates is that it runs cold.  That’s why we recommend porcelain tile with an in-floor heating system to chase away the chill. 

Porcelain tiles do a great job of transferring the heat from the cable to the floor surface, decreasing the thermal radiation’s resistance along its path to the kitchen floor. Tile and stone also retain heat well making the system very energy efficient. Use a WarmlyYours Smart Thermostat to gently raise the temperature of the flooring to create an inviting atmosphere.

The heating cables will be protected from potential water damage which is always a concern in areas with a high degree of spills. 


The TempZone Easy Mat system is a good solution floor heating solution for smaller and simpler areas. Easy Mats are called “spot-heating” because they’re exceptional at providing warmth to a targeted high-traffic area of the room.  


The TempZone Rolls and Cable systems are designed for full coverage so especially important if you have a lot of heat loss in your kitchen due to windows, doors, and/or a fireplace.  In these situations, you will want as much floor heating as possible.  


Floor heating systems are always controlled by a thermostat designed specifically for electric floor heating.  There are wi-fi enabled thermostat options as well as “set it and forget it”. It all depends on whether you love or hate technology.


Let the experts guide your decision. There are a lot of options.  24/7 tech support’s ready to guide your installation if you’d feel more comfortable speaking to one of their radiant heating tech experts to work through your project.


Carpet One-Luxury Vinyl Tile by Towne Post Network

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl tile is trending once again this year because much like porcelain tile, it comes complete with colors and textures that feel like the real thing. This year, advances in the production of vinyl flooring have caused a surge in sales. Part in fact because vinyl flooring’s commonly sold as a look-a-like, taking on the visual appearances of popular floor coverings such as wood, marble, and natural stone.


Households with rugs and carpets are prone to stain. With LVT flooring, this is not a concern. The boards that constitute your kitchen floor covering are surprisingly easy to clean and insusceptible to spilled acidic liquids like wine and juice. Luxury vinyl tiles are protected from moisture damage and warping from high humidity levels.

Vinyl tile flooring’s maximum surface temperature output is the same as cork flooring, in our assessment, we recommend keeping your set temperature at or below 82 °F. Ensuring that you comply with the maximum temperature regulation, your floor will reach the ideal desired temperature and keep your warranty intact. 

Electric floor heating paired with LVT radiates heat energy to increase the temperature of the entire room as well as the surfaces and people in it. 


These systems deliver warmth and comfort without the need for forced-air heating systems that spread allergens like dust and pollen. As a kid growing up with asthma, I didn’t need to reach for the emergency inhaler living in a home with electric floor heating. 


The electric floor heating is usually embedded in self-leveling so if you need to replace the floor or swap out just one tile, you can replace the floor easily and the heating cable is protected within a layer of cement. 


The heating cable cannot be cut or spliced so it’s important that you give the exact specifications of the room dimensions to the WarmlyYours team for an electric floor heating system Smart Plan


Once the cable is embedded and the subfloor has cured, the LVT can then be glued down or floated over.


In conclusion, WarmlyYours is an outstanding radiant heating company with home-heating solutions for many different kinds of floor coverings at affordable prices. Use their video library to learn more about how floor heating can keep you and your family warm and cozy all year long. Select a radiant heating system today!


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