Spacious L Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen Shape: L Shaped

Flooring: Tile, Marble, or Stone

Subfloor: Wood

Insulation Surface: 215 sq. ft.

Voltage: 240 V

Spacious L Shaped Kitchen with Island

Installation Options:

Tempzone Flex Roll:

Tempzone Flex Roll

“Add radiant warmth to your tile and stone floors with WarmlyYours TempZone™ Flex Rolls. These 240 VAC floor heating rolls feature a 1/8” TempZone™ heating cable, affixed to a mesh fabric backing in a serpentine pattern to evenly distribute heat across the floor." 

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NW Electrical Supply - Three Light Pendant:

NW Electrical Supply - Three Light Pendant

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Wheeling Sale Barn:

Wheeling Sale Barn - Antique Luncheon Plates

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