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 Posted on December 18, 2019  |  8 minutes  |  1497 words

24 Incredible Examples of Luxury Faucets

The kitchen sink has a very important job to do. A good kitchen sink must be durable enough to hold up to rigorous choring. Dishes are washed and sanitized on a daily basis. Your kitchen deserves a luxurious faucet that’s both elegant and functional. Here’s an assorted collection of kitchen ware brands offering beautifully designed faucets for a fair price.

  1. Chillout FF4900

Chillout FF4900

For each and every kitchen, dishes must be done and cookware products ought to be cleaned. Rinsing the kitchen sink, blasting off leftover items, clearing large pans and pots, are just an array of opportunities. You name it! The Chillout FF4900 is THE kitchen sink.

  1. Effe EF129

Effe EF179

Constantly cleaning up after yourself and others can be monotonous and tiresome. This single handle swivel spout makes the toils of daily tasks less. Its’ efficient design takes up less space than a dual handle faucet. One downside being you won’t be able to set and adjust the actual water temperature as accurately as you would with a double handle kitchen faucet.

  1. BESy Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

BESy Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

The BESy commercial kitchen faucet offers the latest of kitchen faucet technology. A three-function sprayer head can be pulled out and pulled town to spray off and rinse dishes, plates, and even baking sheets. Although we did not have the chance to experiment with this particular faucet at our testing facility, everyone’s been leaving excellent reviews. A high-arch spout, single lever spring, and immaculate brushed gold finish makes cleanup a breeze.

  1. Ozone Generating Kitchen Faucet Pull Down

Ozone Generating Kitchen Faucet Pull Down

Lenovasinks are luxurious and market-ready faucets. But don’t take it from us, we don’t insist! Find out for yourself just how amazing it can be cleaning food particles and contaminants. The base of the faucet houses a filtration chamber, eliminating bacteria and pesticides without additional instillation of an under or over counter water filter system. You get an elegant swan neck and a spout you can pull down to reach every part of your sink basin. Long and tall spouts have higher clearances, but get lower water pressure than a short spout faucet.

  1. KSTB-4422 Triple Bowl

KSTB-4422 Triple Bowl

A straight spout faucet such as this one here is small and lightweight enough and designed very well to fit perfectly for a compact kitchen. Three bowls inlayed next to each other for maximum efficiency. The basins are shallow so if you say spring a leak then there’s enough workspace under the counter to seal up your line, but you may need to wash large cookware separately. Not a lot of faucets are made with the quality of craftsmanship seen in this design.

  1. Delta 4380-DST

Delta 4380-DST

At a glance, if you’re the proud owner of a three-hole kitchen sink then this Delta faucet is perfect for you. A goose-neck faucet inspired by nature and modernity swivels 180 degrees for additional conveniency. The single handle faucet can set the desired temperature of the water and keep the actual temperature at no more or less than your configuration. Leak points are prevented by the patented DIAMOND Seal Technology and this sink claims to last twice as long as industry standards. Lastly, a detachable sprayer gives you the flexibility to wash tough-to-reach spots.

  1. Source 306003

Source 306003

Intuitively crafted German engineering brings the Source 306003 to the next level. Not just your average kitchen faucet, the Source is made of solid brass construction, moreover, resistant to bacterial growth. What’s more is the locking spray jet mode strongly clears off dinner plates if not twice as fast as standard water sprays. If you want to remodel your countertop, the Source can be descaled for easy cleaning and low-maintenance reconstruction. This sink makes the chase as the leader of functionality and style.



Brilliantly designed top-notch kitchen hardware for serious chefs. Pot fillers are usually installed over the range so you won’t lose your grip carrying heavy pots around your kitchen. The Vintage 3 is available in a huge array of tough finishes and you can map it out behind the stove with a longer supply hose to connect to your water line. Don’t buy this faucet if you don’t have a long enough supply line. It’s dedicated to just cold water and can be fitted with a cold water filter to prevent the presence of water contaminants and bacteria. Patent protected and available at Whitehaus. The Vintage 3 deck mount dual arm pot filler has all these features and more ; bringing a touch of elegance and style for you.

  1. Waterstone Traditional Wheel Faucet

Waterstone Traditional Wheel Faucet

Waterstone’s traditional wheel faucet gives an amazing performance difference apart from the market. We’d like to highlight the luxurious style that bestows a beautiful pull-out spray head. The spout can be extended out 20" and swivel 360° for flexibility and convenience. You won’t find another kitchen faucet made with this attention to quality craftsmanship anywhere else.

  1. Carlton Kitchen Bridge Faucet

Carlton Kitchen Bridge Faucet

What says elegance better than a classic design such as this. The Carlton dual-handle faucet was inspired by American ingenuity and quality craftsmanship. Its’ delicate yet durable spout innovates a luxurious bridge design. Plus, the Carlton faucet is 100% lead free per its inherent anti-bacterial brass construction. So give your kitchen sink this perfect centerpiece to accompany your kitchen remodeling project.

  1. Kunmai High Arc Kitchen Faucet

Kunmai High Arc Kitchen Faucet

You’ll never want another kitchen sink after witnessing the luxury and style of the KunMai Single Handle High Arc Swiveling Dual-Mode Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Sink Faucet with Porcelain Handle in Polished Gold. Crystal clear water fountains out from its burnished exterior. Built with lead-free construction to stop the spread of water-borne bacteria. Able to swivel all around your kitchen sink and the lever handle turns away from the faucet spout to keep your hands free of backsplash.

  1. VIGO VG02001MB


We’ve long awaited to review this innovative kitchen faucet in a gorgeous matte black. The Vigo Single-Handle faucet can be installed in tight spaces without splashing the wall tiles. Available as specified plus optional components such as a matching finish soap dispenser and deck plate if you’ve got extra holes to cover up. Best of all, this sink is ADA compliant and designed to ensure convenient accessibility for each and every use.

  1. Moen Sullivan Pullout Spray High-Arc Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser and Reflex Technology

Moen Sullivan Pullout Spray High-Arc Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser and Reflex Technology

The Moen 87047BRB is a stunning part of the world-class Sullivan collection. Featuring a luxurious faucet cut from a durable metal material and finished with a rust-resistant protective coating. Additionally, each use of the faucet showcases exclusive reflex technology which retracts smoothly back to initial conditions without needed assistance. A single handle lever rests at the center of this practical kitchen faucet. Built to turbocharge the cleaning of plates, pots, kettles, and common kitchenware.

  1. Franke Ff20650

Franke Ff20650

All the front side boldly formed specially of stainless steel. An platinum chrome finish encapsulates the sink’s mechanisms. Clearing your work space with a high-arch gooseneck. The minimalist design leaves nothing to be desired. Exactly the kind of faucet you’d want cleaning plates after a great wolfing down of delicious meals shared together. Prized for its sleek design and reliable performance.

  1. Moen 7594EC

Moen 7594EC

We can hardly wait to cover the Moen Arbor Motion Sense Kitchen Faucet. Shortly after finding out about its features, one key-component stood out among the rest. The faucet can be rigged with reliable motion sensors, meaning touchless motion activation. A convenient technological breakthrough which minimizes the spread of common bacterial diseases, like salmonella, from spreading. Treat your family and friends to an all-new experience today.

  1. Perrin and Rowe Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Perrin and Rowe Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Perrin and Rowe bridge kitchen faucet’s a timeless design. The highly reflective chrome finish creates a mirror-like appearance that complements any décor. Styled with class that capstones your kitchen sink. Dual handle water temperature setting and adjustment. Should you want to clear up the sink, the faucet’s paired with a retractable side sprayer head.

  1. 4208 Ostende

4208 Ostende

Simply marvel at the Ostende’s beauty and grace, designed effortlessly after the ocean’s daunting expanse and maritime structures of coastal charms. The faucet is thus, a playful and elegant neck allowing this structure to perch at a height above the sink. Each handle can be specified as either a ceramic or wooden material build. Small intricacies of great detail such as this make the “Ostende” Single Hole Mixer with flexible handspray a standout winner.

  1. Blanco Empressa™ Bridge Faucet​

Blanco Empressa™ Bridge Faucet

Years of research have gone into perfecting the kitchen sink experience. Our best people have worked on this and now the Empressa Bridge is finally here. See what it’s all about. It’s the Empressa collection and it makes bold statements. Strategically designed for you and your daily cleaning tasks. A spray head button defines the type of jet stream selectuably chosen. It also was formed with stronger brass material. Innovatively built without being too brash, the Empressa Bridge steals the show.

  1. Rohl Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Rohl Bridge Kitchen Faucet

  1. B2233-Gourmet II B2233-Gourmet II

B2233-Gourmet II

  1. Elkay Avado

Elkay Avado

  1. KWC ERA


  1. Hapilife Mixer Monobloc Tap Hapi-03Z

Hapilife Mixer Monobloc Tap Hapi-03Z

  1. Funime TK 13

Funime TK 13

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