How to Refinish Bamboo Flooring

How to Refinish Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring is an absolutely gorgeous and unique alternative to a hardwood floor, giving an interesting feeling to the floor for modern, spacially aware kitchens. Even though this widely celebrated type of flooring is sourced from undoubtedly strong and light bamboo plants, scuff marks and surface scratches may still present themselves over time. However, professional maintenance workers and homeowners with reasonable do-it-yourself skills can fire up the sander to undergo the process of refinishing bamboo floors. [Read More]

How to Clean Dirty Vinyl Floor

Strive To Be Chemical Free We live in a society that’s well-informed and each day we learn and continue to learn about the ways in which we can live cleanly. By now you’re aware of the harmful effects that chemicals like pesticides, preservatives, and additives have on the body. Even so, we’re conscious of the negative effects and yet how many of us keep the Windex ready to go during clean up time? [Read More]

Pet Friendly Flooring

What is the Best Flooring for Dogs?

For those of us who chose to adopt a friendly canine companion, whether it’s a new puppy or an older dog, perhaps even a rescue. This new chapter will be marked with responsibilities as you share your home with a clawed animal. They’re going to be running around all over the place. Let’s not even discuss the mess you’re going to be constantly cleaning. As a homeowner, you’re never not cleaning up thanks to them. [Read More]

Is Laminate Waterproof?

What you seriously need to know.

Flooring is very very important and when winter rolls around, homeowners ought to be concerned about spills and even the occasional leak. Naturally, waterproof options are the most durable choice. The big question on everyone’s mind is… “Can laminate be waterproof?” To be honest - ‘cause that’s our job - the answer is no. Laminate tile is not waterproof, however widely believed that may be. The Flooring Girl, a flooring expert, believes that this misperception is due to the fact that many customers mistakenly confuse vinyl with laminate flooring(Debbie. [Read More]