Selecting the Best Wall Tiles


Picture yourself finding a charming mid-century modern with three bedrooms and two baths. The real estate agent guides you through a spacious living room with high ceilings and plenty of room over the hooded range and sink. You glide through some of the coolest rooms you’ve ever been in and you can’t wait to call the owner to put in an offer. Everything is perfect until you get to the kitchen and all of a sudden it’s “Hello 70’s”! [Read More]

Countertops vs. Backsplash

Reliable Pairing Options

Your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without countertops and wall tiles. When arranging the design elements and architectural features, the colors don’t have to match, but they ought to be balanced. Complimentary Color Theme You’re not going to love your kitchen backsplash tiles if they do not suit the color of your countertops. Ideally, colors complement, harmonize, and enhance cohesion across the room’s visual plane. Contrasting Color Theme Use backsplash tiles with colors that visually clash against your countertops. [Read More]